Have a cavity? We have a solution! 

Usually, dental decay only becomes more costly and more painful with time. Catching decay early can save lots of time and money. In the event that your tooth has developed a cavity, don’t worry. We can take care of everything from start to finish – from scheduling your appointment to performing a painless procedure. If you have dental anxiety, we would love to help. We desire to make the process of restoring your teeth easy and painless.

Welcome to Costa and Williams

Establishing a new paradigm in dentistry

After Dr. Costa and Dr. Williams graduated from the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, they underwent additional advanced training through residencies in general dentistry, honing their skills in the areas of oral surgery, full mouth reconstruction, implant dentistry, TMJ treatment, and restorations. At Costa + Williams, our team brings a high level of expertise and quality of care into an environment that is enjoyable and where you are surrounded by down-to-earth people you can trust. We care deeply about connecting with our patients and fostering an atmosphere of trust, transparency, and friendship.

Core treatment philosophy

Unlike fast-paced, high-volume clinics that provide an impersonal experience in a cold, clinical environment, Costa + Williams Dental Health Care offers patients a chance to connect with their practitioners on a human level. No patient is ever rushed, pressured, or upsold.

Dr. Costa and Dr. Williams take all the time necessary to answer questions in depth, empowering patients with the information and education they need to feel confident in their treatment plans. Fewer patients are scheduled each day so that the dentists can focus on each individual, crafting a one-of-a-kind treatment plan to resolve their concerns.

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What type of fillings do we use?

We use composite resin (tooth-colored) filling material to restore missing tooth structure after dental decay. This type of filling is made from plastic resin and is designed to look like natural enamel. Composite resin fillings are solid and durable, lasting for years before needing replacement. Once a filling reaches a certain size, a porcelain crown may be recommended to ensure long-term predictability and success.

Quick, simple, and easy

When you need a dental filling, we can help. We know that going to the dentist isn’t something you look forward to, but once you see how easy it is to get a filling done here in our office, you’ll never want to go anywhere else.

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How does it work? 

When teeth decay, a soft spot forms and spreads due to the presence of bacteria eroding the tooth structure. We handle this by removing the decayed portion of the tooth and replacing it with a dental filling to rebuild the tooth to its original form.

Does this mean you won’t have any more cavities? No way! We recommend brushing twice daily and flossing once daily as part of your routine. When you come in for your next six-month checkup, we’ll evaluate your teeth and gums to make sure everything’s staying healthy and strong. This will keep future cavities at bay.

What's so great about a filling?

Tooth decay is nothing to joke about. If left untreated, it could lead to more expensive dental procedures, headaches, gum disease, or even tooth extraction. Fillings are a great way to save your tooth and maintain your smile! Some of the fantastic benefits of getting a filling in our office are:

  • They are completed in one visit. When we schedule your treatment, we are committed to giving you personalized care, and we value your time. Treatments are conservative and painless.
  • They’re safe. Dental fillings are one of the safest ways to treat tooth decay and restore your tooth’s structure with minimal risk of damage to surrounding teeth or tissue.
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Things you can do tomaintain your new filling

After getting a filling in our office, you will want to keep your mouth healthy and make sure everything stays in place. Here are some tips for taking care of your new filling:

Brush regularly.

We know we already mentioned this, but brushing is the most crucial first step for keeping your teeth clean and healthy. Use toothpaste with fluoride for optimal results.

Floss daily.

Flossing removes bacteria that stick to the “in-between” areas of your teeth.

See us regularly!

Regular checkups will help us catch any problems early and give us time to treat them before they become serious.

Building confidence through the consultation process

While our profession is dentistry, our real business is in caring for people. This value is reflected at every phase of your treatment journey, from start to finish. Your initial consultation is a time to get to know us, voice your concerns, and explore your procedure options. Many patients have had negative dental experiences in the past, whether due to pain and discomfort or an unpleasant provider.

At Costa + Williams Dental Health Care, we understand your trepidation and do everything possible to make you feel comfortable, at home, and valued. Whether you are seeking out routine cleanings and fillings, or you need restorations, surgery, or TMJ therapy, our goal is to help elevate your overall quality of life and create a treatment process that is stress-free and rewarding.

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